Happy housing! The Mum tumm 😘

Oh hay there #mumtumm!

After my first 2 Bambinos I didn’t have this little pouche (I could say pouch, but pouche sounds a bit more boutique, a bit more frenchy ya know?). But after the third, it decided to hang with me. I guess I’m just a good chick it just didn’t wanna leave me 🤷🏼‍♀️

So I’m assuming it’s still there. But it’s full again now so I can’t be sure. My prediction is that it’ll be around long after this little bubba has exited.

It’s like a little bit of extra storage space, and you can never have too much of that right? Sometimes I use it to store an extra piece of cake, sometimes I use it to store a kid, sometimes it’s just there for my excess baggage. Depends on the day really.

But it’s kinda cool that I’ll forever carry around this pouche. This little home, that has housed my #FOUR bubbas. It’s always been so obliging to expand with the tide, and accomodate as much as it needs to. It’s like a tent, and everyone knows you can’t always get them back into those bloody bags in which they came! Or if you do, it all comes down to that last tuck/shove manoeuvre that always involves sweating buckets and heaps of swearing!

At times it’s a little one person ⛺️, at other times it’s the full scale 6 person expandable scenario with all the bells and whistles. For the record though, I’m not actually housing six kids in there but it sometimes feels like it when you factor in a placenta (aka #powerboard), a few litres of juice, an extension cord etc.

Talking about tents though, I want it known that this is no run of the mill, anaconda, single use, plastic pop up tent that you buy on sale for 2 bucks. No no. It’s one of those beautifully draped calico teepees that you see on an remote beach somewhere. A yurt! The ones that sit and fall perfectly, just the way this one drapes softly over my non high waisted pants – on the very rare occasion I don’t wear tights up to my tits! 😘

So yeah, here’s to all the Mum tumms out there. The little yurts, the big teepees, the anacondas, and everything in between. The homes that stay with you as a reminder of the life you’ve grown, harvested, loved and embraced.

(I think Arlo wants back in the ⛺️ but Ami is on the 🏃🏾‍♀️)

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