WHAT?! The lemon detox doesn’t work?! Don’t fall prey to the industry of fitness.

So whilst I’m still pretending to be fit, I’m gonna say this;

If your inbox/SM feed are a thing like mine these days you’ll be getting a good dose of fitness stuff.

Programs you need. Products you need. Shoes to make you a better person. Tights to give you the best legs. Shorts to make your butt perfect (cause we’re all about the booty these days – even body shapes/sizes go in and out of fashion – how the shit do you move with THOSE trends 🤔). The classic ‘loose 5kg’s before Xmas’ wonder program that’s only just been released, would have to be my personal favourite.

Then straight after Xmas, it’s the post Xmas detox. The shred for all the kegs you gained from too many rum balls and litres of beer. Then it’s New Year and all the resolutions. Then it’s blah blah blah.

Now I love fitness, not as much these days as I normally do 🤰🏻💁🏼‍♀️🤔. But the industry of it really shits me. I loathe how it prays on your insecurities to sell its product. It cuts straight to your weakest link, body image issues, and has you reaching straight for your wallet (which if it’s anything like ours ATM, is struggling to cope!). SO, instead of buying the crap THEY want you to buy. Instead of letting them take your money because you’re insecure, make a decision for yourself.

Choose a system that works for you. Choose something that empowers you and makes you feel alive. Choose something that makes you love who you are. Choose a place where no one gives a shit if your legs jiggle when your run.

There are a zillion ways to do FIT. So pick yours. Needs to fit with your lifestyle, your beliefs, your values. Needs to be sustainable. Start for the right reasons. Start cause you want a better you, but more so a better relationship with yourself and those around you.

You don’t need a new program or a new outfit to start (though admittedly an outfit WILL help 😬). Just effing start. Now. With what you have!

(Xmas bulge?? Who me? Oh no, that’s ALL baby no #greyareas round here. Until May, when she’s like ‘SHIT NO! That’s not all baby. In fact none of that’s baby. It’s me. ALL ME!’ You’re gonna to help this sista out! 😳😳😳) Peace homies 🙌🏼 @lululemonausnz

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