Don’t fight it.

Pregnancy is a beautiful and terrifying thing. It doesn’t get any easier. Actually for me, this pregnancy has been exponentially harder than any of the others – for a number of reasons – but I’m gonna leave the miracle that is growing a small human aside for a moment.

Being completely (or even a little) at peace, with the physical changes to your own body is something that doesn’t come easy to me. I don’t believe it comes easy to a lot of women. I reckon the vast majority of us struggle with this sort of stuff. I know I have to work on it every single day. Otherwise, negatively would overcome me entirely.

At the mention of pregnancy, cellulite starts growing. It hit my ass and my legs and I have zero control over it. It’s like the dodgy party guest. Uninvited in the first place, always shows up early, always the last to leave. If only you could call someone to shut that shit down, but you can’t. I feel like I’m building the base of a pyramid. We all know the Egyptians didn’t start at the top. No, they built a solid bloody base. So I’m just over here doing the same thing yo!

You have to find some way of dealing with the changes coming your way, knowing that it is it’s own beast and you can’t fight it.

Your body is not your own. Your training is limited at best, often impossible or off limits all together. Dietary intake is not something you manipulate too much either. You have to eat the stuff that is not going to make you vomit, doing the best you can under trying circumstances.

You can’t go for a run. You can’t sweat it out. You can’t have a drink and laugh it off with some mates.

So you’ve just gotta find peace with it the best you can! I know for me, as the journey progresses, it gets a little easier. I always find this middle stage awkward. Not a huge belly yet, but everything feels uncomfortable. People who don’t know, don’t know where to look. They do the double take and wonder whether you’ve been getting into the Christmas cheer early 🤔

One thing that always helps me, is focusing on the things I can control, forgetting the rest. So right now, that’s acceptance, that’s embracing, that’s breathing it all in.

#breatheitallin #17weeks #pregnancy

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